Pictures from “You are God’s Masterpiece “


You are God’s Masterpiece


If you know of a Teenager or Young adult in need of some inspiration 
Please sign them up for our event/one day retreat: 

Sunday June 28th 
Our Lady of Guadalupe in Holyoke MA 01040
Hours are 9a.m-4p.m. **LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED**.

Back to God



Here is the article written by Rebbeca Drake about how a me and my wife fell in Love and with our Faith in the Lord:



XLT Westfield

11050207_10205589013417459_1903232349191263033_nThis Monday I will be the speaker at XLT Westfield.  Come down for a positive message, great music, and adoration of our Savior.


The Chosen Generation


Will You Follow me

Here are pictures from this weekends retreat that ESM was blessed to be a part of.

Cries of the World

Here is the world premiere of our video called “Cries of the World.” I would humbly love to thank all who supported this project and donated money to help this vision come true.

Thank you to my beautiful wife Gloritza Gonzalez for being my right hand and for loving me the way that you do and my family for always believing in me and helping me along the way. But most importantly all praise and Glory goes to God. Thank you for saving me and picking me off the dirt. The song is strong but this video just made this song powerful. Thank you to George Lee for an amazing video. Have a blessed day and share this post. Let’s get all the views that we can and spread this message from God. Thank you for all of your support. God bless you all. See you at 8pm est tonight.

God’s Not Dead!!

Flyer 2

It’s going down November 22nd 2014, at Our Lady of Sorrows (79 New Park Avenue In Hartford CT). Myself and the St. Marys youth group band will be performing at the Gods not dead retreat.  Come encounter an awesome day with out Lord.

Youth and young adults its time to reach for what’s really true and that’s God.

I’m also asking for prayer for those of us working the retreat. That we do our best and all for the Greater Glory to God. Thank you and God bless you all, please share this post and retweet.

AMDG East Coast

A must watch, quick recap of this weekends ESM (Every Step Matters Ministry)  Hip Hop Concert at St Mary’s high school on 9/13/2014.



No More Excuses..

The Album is here..

You can get Physical CD’s via paypal for $15.00 @: (Paypal)

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