Is Love worth it?

Is love worth the pain? Is it worth falling into a deep pit and feeling the strain? Is it worth letting everything go?

Getting rid of the old in order for your tomorrow to grow; is it worth leaving everything behind in order to feel free? Is it worth going against what some tell you because they don’t see what you see? Is love worth the tears of frustrations that may occur due to what your holding on too?  Is love worth you standing up and walking to your own tune? Is love worth more then the days you show your smile? Is it worth walking the path alone and not coming in contact with anyone else in a long while?God-is-Love

Well these questions I choose to answer Yes to them as i stand on my mountain top feeling free, because Love is God and he’s worth all of me, Love is worth all of my success and falls, Because Love is Jesus and Yes Love is worth it all….


About koderedd

I'm Kode Redd formally of Mass Hurrikanes. I am now on a new path to change the game one person at a time; this is my rebirth. For those who will continue to support me I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for those who fall off the waist side just because im doing inspirational music then I'll keep praying for all of you. I will have my new single on here coming soon and as well as more spoken word, once again Thank You and God bless!

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