Speaking the Truth

Some are always saying “I’m just speaking the truth” but walk away when the truth appears right in their face as clear as day, not wanting to see the other side of the coin of the things they always want to say, i always hear “I’m just keeping it real” as they go and live their lie, the first sign of trouble their the 1st in the witness protection line, keeping it real is walking the real path with God, showing love and compassion and not looking for that approval nod, speaking the truth is the ability to accept what the mirror is telling you about yourself, then you go forward and apply whatever is necessary to better yourself, going against the grain may label you an outcast so your cross may feel too heavy to lug, so as your walking along you might feel a tug but don’t fear because its just Jesus next to you giving you a hug, this path isn’t meant to be easy so embrace any tears, at the point you feel you cant do it any longer just listen to the whispers saying I am here.


About koderedd

I'm Kode Redd formally of Mass Hurrikanes. I am now on a new path to change the game one person at a time; this is my rebirth. For those who will continue to support me I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for those who fall off the waist side just because im doing inspirational music then I'll keep praying for all of you. I will have my new single on here coming soon and as well as more spoken word, once again Thank You and God bless!

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