Making memories

Making memories that last doesn’t cost a thing, appreciating all of the small things will show you how much joy it all brings, sharing a simple joke or just a smile can go a long way, comforting someone that’s been always turned away, walking along the street and sharing the day with someone, grabbing your sweetheart by the waist and for no reason and say ” I love you hun…” memories are meant to be felt by the heart, thinking back and smiling because you’ve made it out the dark, looking through photos can take you down to memory lane, as you look and chuckle and simply enjoy the memory train, so don’t worry about tomorrow for those memories are not there yet; simply smile and enjoy making each day the one you won’t forget.

Yes folks I’m baaaaack!


About koderedd

I'm Kode Redd formally of Mass Hurrikanes. I am now on a new path to change the game one person at a time; this is my rebirth. For those who will continue to support me I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for those who fall off the waist side just because im doing inspirational music then I'll keep praying for all of you. I will have my new single on here coming soon and as well as more spoken word, once again Thank You and God bless!

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