Cries of the World

Here is the world premiere of our video called “Cries of the World.” I would humbly love to thank all who supported this project and donated money to help this vision come true.

Thank you to my beautiful wife Gloritza Gonzalez for being my right hand and for loving me the way that you do and my family for always believing in me and helping me along the way. But most importantly all praise and Glory goes to God. Thank you for saving me and picking me off the dirt. The song is strong but this video just made this song powerful. Thank you to George Lee for an amazing video. Have a blessed day and share this post. Let’s get all the views that we can and spread this message from God. Thank you for all of your support. God bless you all. See you at 8pm est tonight.


About koderedd

I'm Kode Redd formally of Mass Hurrikanes. I am now on a new path to change the game one person at a time; this is my rebirth. For those who will continue to support me I thank you from the bottom of my heart and for those who fall off the waist side just because im doing inspirational music then I'll keep praying for all of you. I will have my new single on here coming soon and as well as more spoken word, once again Thank You and God bless!

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