Our Ministry

ESM -2

Our mission is to empower, strengthen, and inspire all youth in a profound, positive, and inspirational way.


Every Step Matters Ministry (E.S.M) is a mobile music ministry that uses hip hop, spoken word, personal testimonies and speakers to reach out to the youth. We recognize that Hip Hop exceeds the definition of a musical genre. It is a pervasive influence on many aspects of today’s culture and lifestyle; particularly to our youth. This specific genre often uses negative imagery, language and stereotypes that evoke models of behavior that are not edifying.


We decided that we could use the power of this musical style to promote positivity; empowerment and fellowship hence the birth of E.S.M.


Every Step Matters Ministry (E.S.M) has only just begun; the potential for our ministry to grow by providing positive and motivational influences in the community for the youth is endless. We will continue to put our mission in prayer, and we will continue to focus on changing and rebuilding spiritual lives.




Jose Gonzalez/ Gloritza Gonzalez (Gigi)

Every Step Matters Ministry

(413) 454-1579/(413) 454-8006








Gallery of ESM through the years.



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