Never Turn Away

Check out my new song called “Never turn away” featuring UNK from my upcoming album called “No More excuses.”

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Interview on FatherRosadodotcom

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Father Rasado about by background and my upcoming album.  You can find a link to the interview here below.

Interview with Kode Redd 04/09 by FatherRosadodotcom talk | Christianity Podcasts.


You can also find the link to other interviews by Father Rasado here on his site 

No More Excuses

Here is the trailer from my latest project “No More Excuses” that I am in the process of putting together.  The Album is due to drop this Summer of 2014.

For more information on Kode Redd and his music Ministry, Every Step Matters, check out his link: 

“The Rebirth” is Here!!!

Making memories

Making memories that last doesn’t cost a thing, appreciating all of the small things will show you how much joy it all brings, sharing a simple joke or just a smile can go a long way, comforting someone that’s been always turned away, walking along the street and sharing the day with someone, grabbing your sweetheart by the waist and for no reason and say ” I love you hun…” memories are meant to be felt by the heart, thinking back and smiling because you’ve made it out the dark, looking through photos can take you down to memory lane, as you look and chuckle and simply enjoy the memory train, so don’t worry about tomorrow for those memories are not there yet; simply smile and enjoy making each day the one you won’t forget.

Yes folks I’m baaaaack!

Kode Redd on

Speaking the Truth

Some are always saying “I’m just speaking the truth” but walk away when the truth appears right in their face as clear as day, not wanting to see the other side of the coin of the things they always want to say, i always hear “I’m just keeping it real” as they go and live their lie, the first sign of trouble their the 1st in the witness protection line, keeping it real is walking the real path with God, showing love and compassion and not looking for that approval nod, speaking the truth is the ability to accept what the mirror is telling you about yourself, then you go forward and apply whatever is necessary to better yourself, going against the grain may label you an outcast so your cross may feel too heavy to lug, so as your walking along you might feel a tug but don’t fear because its just Jesus next to you giving you a hug, this path isn’t meant to be easy so embrace any tears, at the point you feel you cant do it any longer just listen to the whispers saying I am here.

Is Love worth it?

Is love worth the pain? Is it worth falling into a deep pit and feeling the strain? Is it worth letting everything go?

Getting rid of the old in order for your tomorrow to grow; is it worth leaving everything behind in order to feel free? Is it worth going against what some tell you because they don’t see what you see? Is love worth the tears of frustrations that may occur due to what your holding on too?  Is love worth you standing up and walking to your own tune? Is love worth more then the days you show your smile? Is it worth walking the path alone and not coming in contact with anyone else in a long while?God-is-Love

Well these questions I choose to answer Yes to them as i stand on my mountain top feeling free, because Love is God and he’s worth all of me, Love is worth all of my success and falls, Because Love is Jesus and Yes Love is worth it all….

“The Rebirth” is about to drop

I am so happy to let you all know that the album “The Rebirth” is finally complete.  Just recently the album was mixed and mastered and is now in production. We should have the album out by mid July.  Thank you all who have supported me in this journey.


Here are some pictures from my time in making this album with my friends and family and the trailer to the album.


Making It Happen

Click on the link below to make it happen… Thanks for all your help, support, and prayers ~God Bless